Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anti ISA Update (6): How low can you go?

All of a sudden, it's raining songs inside my head! Here's another one:

How low can you go?

How low can you go?

How low can you go?

Pretty low actually...not the Chubby Checker Limbo Rock classic but according to RPK's Malaysia Today, it's this new number by the Kementerian Dalam Negeri Malaysia that's scorching all the charts!

Some smart alec has manipulated the answers to Questions 1 & 4 in the ISA Online Poll, making the responses somewhat more "respectable" instead of the whitewash they were getting.
Check out the current tally as opposed to when I took the poll on August 7th, 4 days ago. But apparently, these scammers conveniently forgot to adjust the answers to Questions 2 & 3 as well, so the total figures polled for these questions show a difference of some 15,000 votes!

Check out how Home Ministry got caught cheating .

For the benefit of such goons, I'd like to do a remix version called Dumbo Rock with the chorus:
"How dumb can you get?"
How dumb can you get?
How dumb can you get?

It looks like we have a long way to go....and we haven't hit rock bottom yet...Merdeka?