Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free RPK! Repeal ISA! Update 1

A short history lesson, especially for those who were not yet around 21 years ago.....

Coming soon is 27 October 2008 - the 21st Anniversary of the Operasi Lalang, probably one of the blackest days in the history of the nation. A total of 119 politicians, social activists, educationists and religious missionaries were rounded up under a sweeping police action code-named Operasi Lalang (Weeding Out Operation) .

Out of that, 49 were detained without trial for 2 years or more. Others were released after a few months. The detained were kept in separate cells, without adequate sunlight, given the barest rations, bare cement floors to sleep on with "attached" open baths. All of this really geared to breaking the spirit of the detainees. Which they succeeded quite well. There were those who came out of detention o.k. But there were also those who were never the same again. The interrogation and scare tactics had worked only too well. The sparkle in their eyes had gone. At least one marriage ended in divorce.

Added to this, the annual publishing permits for three newspapers - The Star, Watan and sin Chew Jit Poh were revoked. Which meant hundreds of ordinary working men and women with families to feed were out of jobs.

This is the sheer result of having a law as draconian as the I.S.A. Just to rub it in, while the ordinary man and woman detainee had to suffer, the two biggest culprits who masterminded the whole tit for tat spat before the clampdown, got away scott free. One of whom is aspiring to be the next PM. Talk about double jeopardy. The total sum of the human tragedy cannot be emphasised enough. Do we still need this kind of "law"? Especially when there are enough laws already in place to charge them under.

I don't think so. Let's put a stop to this now. Let's stand up and say "Cukup!". Enough is enough.
If we, the People are indeed the Boss, then we need to stand up and take charge. Now!

Watch this You Tube video for the full details of the ISA and how it CAN be used against anyone, including you and me!


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