Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Free RPK; Repeal ISA Now!

"Friends and comrades, the light has gone out of our lives and there is darkness everywhere" - so went the opening statement of Jawaharlal Nehru's broadcast on All India Radio on 30 January 1948 after the assassination of Gandhi.

Overly dramatic maybe - comparing that tragedy with what happened to Raja Petra a couple of days ago, but it sure feels like that to me. I spent the last two days trying to comprehend the whole gamut of emotions and thoughts that were running through my head with little success. I turned to the Internet hoping for a "pick-me-up", instead all I got was similar feelings of anger, resentment, helplessness, inertia, etc. etc.

After the adrenalin pumping highs of Teresa Kok's release, together with Shieh Kickdefella and Tan Hoon Cheng, this was a monumental letdown. It hurt, dragged me down, disheartened, and made me feel lost even. The blogosphere was strangely subdued. The light had indeed seemed to have gone out of our lives, and indeed there seemed only darkness everywhere I looked.

What a difference a couple of days make. I surfed the web today and found a totally new spirit in the blogsphere. Already the lights that looked to be snuffed out have begun flickering again. Already the battle weary, pushed back into the trenches during the assault on RPK, have began marching back to take their places in the frontlines. Already the ideas, suggestions and action plans have begun filtering through to the people through the Net.

What can you do? Below are suggestions from the blogosphere with the relevant links attached. Check them out. Pick one or two but do something. Edmund Burke wrote, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing". It may well be good to ponder on that as we go about our everyday lives.


  • Nathaniel Tan for some very specific individual action plans;
  • Susan Loone for news on round the clock anti-ISA campaigns;
  • The People's Parliament for news of the "Raya Demand Abolish ISA" campaign;
  • Anil Netto for regular updates and information on ISA detainees, etc.
  • Rocky's Bru for your cuppa of the latest on Malaysia from a "semi retired" journalist.
And, let's in this difficult times, to "not curse the darkness, but light one candle" wherever we are. For RPK and all ISA detainees. And for Malaysia.