Monday, March 10, 2008

Somebody's Watching Me!

"....I always feel like somebody's watching me....", sang Rockwell in 1984. Fast forward almost a quarter of a century later, in Malaysia after 8/3/08, we have at least 2 more such "hits":

I received an sms which ended like this: "....Makkal Sakti shall be watching them (the newly elected)" and later I read in Raja Petra's blog, this little blurb: "

Malaysia Today is watching. And we shall whack the daylights out of anyone and everyone who misbehaves or forgets his or her promise. The opposition won the five states and 82 seats in Parliament with the support of Malays, Chinese and Indians...So remember who put you where you are today. Remember who gave you your job. The rakyat can hire and the rakyat can fire... Just remember to do what you promised to do.

Jeff Ooi in his Screenshots blog had on March 8 noted this fact:
"We have to let the people -- the Boss -- to decide".

Music to the ears of the ordinary rakyat who've had to put up with so much talking down to, insults, ridicule and humiliation by so many in the previous regime, from the top down. Now, by this ONE act of taking up our right, we have turned the tables. Upset the status quo. And now, together as Makkal Sakti, we shall be vigilant, ever watchful over the nation. And in 4 or 5 years time, take out the report cards and give our grades once again. Gosh, it sure feels good!