Monday, May 07, 2007

Proposals, Counter Proposals!

The dreaded "foot in mouth" disease seems to be spreading! Now it's the turn of the honourable Mr. Information who, according to this Malaysiakini report is recommending that bloggers be tagged while admitting that the blogs are affecting circulation! Well, the cat's out of the bag, and from the horse's mouth at that!

Just a couple of counter proposals to your proposals from a commoner, Mr. Info:

1. For your information Mr. Information, if the newspapers are allowed the freedom of publishing the news as it unfolds without fear from repercussions, whether self imposed or from "outside", you would actually be surprised how much the circulations would jump. The rakyat will pay for the news that matters, not which is deemed to matter. End of story.

2. I agree wholeheartedly to the tagging of bloggers as professionals or not on ONE condition: that the same rule applies to the newspapers. Why? So that we, the rakyat can see which one is worth buying or which one is merely fit to wrap the fish from the market! Surely, you're not thinking that ALL our newspapers (and TV / radio stations) are ALL professional, Zam!

In case you are not aware, the world has changed Zam. And so have the rules of the game. If you, the newspapers, and everyone else refuse to change, then you'll just be in the words of one famous judge, become "irrelevant"! - and worse, go the way of the dinosaurs!