Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pot Calling Kettle Black?

This is revealing, no? The same bananas who were once part of the bunch now throwing mud, and calling each other names! Probably with the bitter taste of "Ijokitis" still lingering, Anwar launches a personal attack on Samy. Not one to step back from a fight, the great Indian leader counters with a crisp left hook here

2 questions to both these Rocky Balboa wannabees:

1. Where were you Anwar, when all these Indians were suffering? To help jolt your memory, you WERE the DPM of all Malaysians after all! Most probably, like most Indians, these poor fellows had voted for your BN. All I heard was a deafening silence.

2. Well, if the ex-DPM deserves a brick or two for his lack of concern, what about you, Samy? Just claiming to be the "de-facto" leader of the Indians ain't enough. Bringing back M.G.R. from the dead ain't enough, even though the majority of the community are content with that familiar song and dance routine. But I do remember how you "helped" the Indians with the Maika share scam, though!

Famous last words: Enough of this 2 kali 5 stuff. Either shape up or ship out. Like my friend used to say, "habiskan beras saja"