Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bolehland SMS Scam

I began receiving this particular SMS spam via one 33xxx short code content provider sometime last week. The thing is I hadn't subscribed to it! I just deleted the unwanted message the first time, but it re-appeared a couple of days later. This time I SMS-ed whoever the people behind the scam to stop it. I actually received an acknowledgment via SMS. Then, this evening I get another message from the same people again! I'd planned to ring my telco and give them quite an earful when I spotted this news from Jeff Ooi. Read here for details and wait for the exposure!


penang kacang said...

Know about why simple common SMS issue just like email issues was 10 years ago read this:

Jeff ooi being paid to do sabotage, expect too much on technology. What the hell.

Anonymous said...

Here is another one. Jeff ooi is correct in some what but incorrect most of the part.
SMS is like email, just a medium sure got issues and got issue just solve. There is no way got guaranteee 100% error free for these stuff. So what jeff busy promoting is because he got paid.
Read this badly writen blog

Anonymous said...

here is yet another more interesting one:

astrology dog said...

Let me help clear Jeff's unethical work of generalize different issues into his own story.

Everybody gets spam and scam sms nowadays, just like spam and scam email. Most of the spam and scam SMS are coming from oversea like China or Africa, and individuals cheating money. Read reputable newspaper The Star, there are many clear scam examples and are clearly defined.

Jeff Ooi everybody knows he is the kind of person who likes to mislead people by generalize unrelated issues to complete his story.

Read proper newspapers not blogs (and lies). Next time you doubt what SMS you receive, just think like Email. Email/SMS, Spam and Scam are different. Found them POST the evidence here for public reading.

Anonymous said...

who are the bad boys who tries to cover their wrong doing. SMS SPAM king. Read this: