Sunday, January 28, 2007

Altantuya's Son Speaks To Malaysians

Susan Loone has been following up on the Altantunya case. This is from her blog

Here is a letter exclusively from Altantuya’s elder son Atanshagai, nine years old. It was translated by a non-governmental organisation based in Ulanbataar, Mongolia. The letter came in the wake of too many negative reports of Altantuya in the media, especially the latest report of Baginda revealing his alleged love affair with her. The letter is addressed to all Malaysians:

People call me “Joohnoo”. When I was little, I was small, so my mother fondled me and called me “Joohnoo”.

Also my mother was a small woman, but she was intelligent, clever. She was seldom a woman.

Brothers and sisters, Malaysian police and dear Baginda:

For those who have seen my mother, how did they get the idea to kill my small mother? Didn’t they think of anything when they killed my mother?

Don’t you have a mother or sister?

I was going to school, caring for my sick brother and waiting for my mother.

My little and sick brother can talk. He always asks, when will his mother arrive? She went so far from us, when will she come back?

Whom will I kiss when it is New Year? To whom can I present flowers?

When my classmates talk about their mothers, I feel sad and my tears drop. I am a person eventhough I am little.

My grandfather arrived from your country; he said your mother died due to culinary intoxication. But I found what happened to my mother from the media and newsletter.

I always kiss my mother’s photo and love her in my spirit. I pity my grandmother when she cries, reading the Buddhist sutra and lighting the candle in front of my mother’s photo.

Sometimes, some woman looks like my mother when I walk on the street.

I wonder who is that Malaysian person who killed my mother and made me and my brother forever orphans.

We need more money now for my brother’s treatment!

I hope that there are kind people, judges and leaders in Malaysia. Hope, they will all help me and my little sick brother.

Please publish my open letter in your newspaper.

From: Son of Altantuya, “Joohnoo” and brother, Mungunshagai.