Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Where's The Baby?

Continuing the Advent series, here's a story from Richard De Haan of RBC Ministries:

"Two women, dressed in their finest, were having lunch together in an exclusive restaurant. A friend saw them and came over to greet them. "What's the special occasion?" she asked. One of the women said, "We're having a birthday party for the baby in our family. He's 2 years old today." "But where's the baby?" the friend asked. The child's mother answered, " Oh, I dropped him off at my mother's house. She's taking care of him until the party's over. It wouldn't have been any fun with him along."

How ridiculous - a birthday celebration for a child who wasn't welcome at his own party! Yet, when you stop and think about it, that's no more foolish than going through the Christmas season, with all of its festivities, without remembering the One whose birth we are supposed to be honouring.

And that's the way many people celebrate Christmas. In all the busyness - the party going, gift shopping, family gatherings - the One whose birthday they are commemorating is almost completely forgotten.

During this holiday season, in all of your good times with family and friends, make sure you don't leave out the Lord Jesus. Give Him the honour He deserves.