Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday Morning Fever

this morning's top 5 headlines:

1. The Christian Federation of Malaysia today urged to government to find a solution to solve future religious tussles over a deceased person whose religious status was in question.

“There must be a transparent mechanism to resolve such issues through dialogue,” said CFM chairperson and executive committee member Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing in a statement today.

“[And] to protect the rights of citizens to profess or revert to their religion without intimidation from outside parties,” he said.

but the A. Rayappan, 71, saga continues...
Rayappan: Body cremated but syariah case proceeds

2. Let's hear it for the boy! Karam Singh Walia speaks up for local council elections to curb corruption TV personality calls for local council polls

Now everybody can demonstrate! Without the fear of getting bashed up by batons or eyes stung by water cannons. A press freedom group has today launched a month-long ‘virtual demonstration’ against media ownership by government, political parties and media moguls.

The novel campaign was initiated by Writers Alliance for Media Independence (Wami), Centre for Independent Journalism.
'Virtual demonstration' for press freedom

4. Light One Candle. This years Human Rights Day (Dec. 10) will be celebrated in Kampung Berembang, Ampang - the scene of a recent rights violation by the forcible eviction of the villagers by the authorities.

The original plan was to hold the celebrations - dubbed People’s Rights Festival - at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) park this Sunday. The Human Rights Day falls on that day.
Jerit coordinator D Letchimi said the decision to have the celebrations in the village reflected that the spirit of human rights was needed more in the village and not in the KLCC park.

5. No News Is NOT Good News in Bolehland! As the NGO Aliran finds out year in year out, thanks to super inefficiency!

and some words of wisdom from a wise prof: (from jeff ooi's screenshots)

Talking of God,

Prof Dr Abdul Rashid Moten (IIUM) shared an anecdote that almost brought down the roof as he was closing his session at the Aidcom Conference yesterday. A man lost in the jungle woke up to the lights as he found God coming to his rescue. They started a conversation.

Man: God, is it true that a minute of your time is millions of minutes in our time?

God: Yes.

Man: God, is it true that a day for you is millions of days for us?

God: Yes.

Man: God, is it true that a year for you is millions of years for us?

God: Yes.

Man: God, is it true that a dollar for you is millions of dollars for us?

God: Yes.

Man (sparks in his eyes): God, can you be so gracious and merciful as to give me just a dollar?

God: Yes... in a minute.

Dunia pinjaman. Verily, we are here only on God's time.

hear ye! hear ye!