Saturday, December 02, 2006

O Come Let Us Adore Him

I take a look around. I look at myself. As the year rushes to an end, I find myself caught up in the same "obligatory madness". Tommorow, Dec 3, marks the beginning of Advent. In a little over 3 weeks, we "celebrate" Christmas, however different our approaches may be. There are so many Plans, Activities, Meetings, Prayers, Carols, Service, etc. Me - I thought I would just "BE" - for a while before plunging myself into the busyness of the "season"! And, lo! this beautiful piece by Catherine de Hueck Doherty seems to capture the emotion:

Prayer moves a person's total being to communicate with the loving God, to respond to his great love. Prayer is this response that takes a thousand postures, from standing with arms uplifted in supplication to full prostration. Prayer is the fantastic movement of a dancer, and prayer is the stonelike stillness of a person utterly immobile, lost in regions many desire to reach but which few really enter. Prayer is the bubbling brook of a child, or quivering words from the lips of old people. Prayer is the words of men, women, and children who know God and easily talk to him. These words change into beautiful songs when they reach God.

People recite the rosary. They pray for all their relatives and all the needs of the world, vocally, simply, in a childlike way. Even when they sleep, their hearts watch out for the Lord. When they pray, when they worship God, they are caught up in something greater than themselves, something that is indeed cosmic. The whole universe bows in adoration, and those that love him join in that adoration. (from: Soul Of My Soul)

Come Indeed! And Let Us Adore Him!


Anonymous said...

oops! sent you an email rather than a comment. happy to note that your advent is an entering into rather than a passive waiting for things to happen. many wait for the endtimes to land on them. i like to see as moving to wards the omega point... by being involved in life and people. working out one's salvation in making this world a better place to live in. take care friend.

Jude Manickam said...

thanks, FBP! i like the reference to the "omega point" - this is something new! happy advent