Monday, December 04, 2006

Decorating tips for Advent

Today is the feast day of John of Damascus, priest, religious, doctor

What NOT to do, as according to
Mickey Z at

"According to the National Christmas Tree Association, approximately 30-35 million "real" Christmas trees are sold in the U.S. every year and roughly 100,000 people are employed in the Christmas tree industry.

As soon as the turkey's in the Tupperware, thoughts turn to getting ready for Christmas," begins one recent newspaper story. "And what says Christmas more than the tree?" Yep, as Thanksgiving is to the turkeys, Christmas is to evergreen. It almost seems to go unnoticed that the enduring symbols of winter's two most celebrated holidays are the annual targets of human killing sprees. You can sing "O Christmas Tree" until you go hoarse, but that tree you just bought is dying before your eyes."

We in Malaysia have no problems with that. We are into plastic! Note: I checked that my parish 's religious stall is selling a 6ft. "fibre optic" tree for RM400.00 and the same one is available at the local departmental store for RM269.00!! Donations for the church, I assume.

What we COULD do, as according to Decorating tips for Advent

It's probably too late to salvage the word icon , reduced to an electronic cartoon on a computer screen, but we can take a cue from John of Damascus, who in the eighth century vigorously defended the use of images in churches against people known as Iconoclasts who wanted to destroy them. "The image is a memorial, just what words are to a listening ear. It brings us understanding." Why not seek out truly fine religious art for our homes? It's true, much of what passes for religious art today is sentimental kitsch responsible for a good deal of bad theology and superstition. But with care, Catholic homes can once again be characterized by the presence of beautiful, graceful reminders of the Holy.

I say "KISS" (keep it simple s..... ) !!