Friday, September 04, 2009

MP's Open Letter to Section 23 Residents

Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad of PAS has blogged an open letter to the residents of Section 23 Shah Alam.

Read it in full at his blog.

Khalid is one and the same MP who first set foot inside the Catholic Church of The Divine Mercy in Shah Alam on 27 March 2008. While there, he reassured Christians that they could continue to use the word "Allah" in their worship without fear of persecution.

Which brings me to this story:

A visitor to a school asked the principal, 'When in your schedule do you teach religion?"

And the reply was: "We teach it all day long.

We teach it in Arithmetic, by Accuracy.
We teach it in Language, by Learning to say what we mean.
We teach it in History, by Humanity.
We teach it in Geography, by Breadth of mind.
We teach it in Handicraft, by Thoroughness.
We teach it in Astronomy, by Reverence.
We teach it in the Playground, by Fairplay.
We teach it in Kindness to animals, by Courtesy to servants, by Good Manners to one another, and by Helpfulness in all things.
We teach it by showing the Young, that we, their Elders, are their friends." - (Author Anonymous)

In pictures and videos taken in front of the State Secretariat building that day, I saw a few youngsters in the midst of the some 50 odd crowd. I wonder what kind of religion the ELDERS in the crowd taught the young ones that day.


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