Friday, July 10, 2009

Al Islam: Muslim reporters spying in Catholic Church?

I received a couple of Facebook alerts from friends regarding this: "Al Islam masuk gereja cari gadis bertudung murtad".

Jeff Ooi, MP for Jelutong in Penang has also posted in his Screenshots blog.

It's now the subject of a police report made in Penang. A cause for concern surely, especially at a time when religious tolerance in a multi racial/ethnic society is being sorely tested to its limits lately.

As my friends have suggested, here are some things that you can do:

  • Pray (but don't just stop there...)
  • Make a police report in your individual capacity as a concerned Catholic.
  • Write to the press
  • Express your dissatisfaction to the publisher by calling Al Islam at Tel:03 -89262999, Fax: 03-89243918, or email
  • You can also SMS. Type ALISLAM <> your message <> your name and send to 33995 or 019 3051587
On the other hand, blogger Mahaguru58, a Muslim blogger in Malaysia has this to say:

As a Malaysian Muslim blogger, I try my level best to see things from a balanced and fair point of view and I believe that what the two investigative journalists from Al Islam Magazine have done is wrong and they ought to issue an apology to the Christian community concerned.

Mahaguru58 has also included comments from a few prominent Malaysian Muslims. Read his entire post here.

I'm trying to get some feedback from the Catholic perspective. If and when the need arises, I may post their input here later.

In the meantime, I think this story from Anthony deMello might serve as a reminder to all of us, irrespective of our religions and beliefs:

"The World Fair of Religions"

My friend and I went to the fair. The World Fair of Religions. Not a trade fair. A religious fair. But the competition was as fierce, the propaganda as loud.

At the Jewish Stall, we were given hand-outs that said that God was All-Compassionate and the Jews were his Chosen People. The Jews. No other people were as Chosen as the Jewish People.

At the Moslem Stall, we learnt that God was All-Merciful and Mohammed is his only Prophet. Salvation comes from listening to God's only Prophet.

At the Christian Stall, we discovered that God is Love and there is no salvation outside the Church. Join the Church or risk eternal damnataion.

On the way out, I asked my friend, "What do you think of God?" He replied, "He is bigoted, fanatical and cruel."

Back home I said to God, "How do you put up with this thing, Lord? Don't you see they have been giving you a bad name for centuries?"

God said, "I didn't organise the Fair. I'd be too ashamed to even visit it".


MAHAGURU58 said...

May peace be with you Brother Jude.

The story about Muslims believing in ONLY one Prophet is false.

We believe in ALL of God's prophets and messengers.

We believe in Adam Alaihis Salam as our Father and from there on to all the 124,000 prophets and messengers that were sent to the entire Mankind through the ages.

No Muslim worth his or her faith is a proper Muslim if he or she didn't believe in any of God's many prophets.

We believe and respect each and every one of them sir but we believe that Muhammad ibni Abdullah,may peace be upon him, is the final and greatest prophet of Almighty Allah.

It is important that when we share something about another's faith to get our facts right, even if it is just another story.

You may correspond with me if you need to clarify anything with regard to Islam and us who are Muslims.

May the truth be shared, bro no matter what.

Peace be to you sir.