Monday, April 06, 2009

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid......!

The latest buzz is on the old doctor - Mahathir himself. I heard it through the grapevine that he was in London (presumably at the G-20 summit) and then rushed back home in time for Najib's swearing in as PM last week.

A few things to consider:

1. Dr. Mahathir was the ONE person most neutrals believe was responsible most for removing Pak Lah from power. His uncessant attacks on Pak Lah ultimately proved successful as UMNO eventually relented to his stinging criticisms by ganging up and ultimately asking for the PM's rsignation.

2. Many thought that when his son Mukriz lost the race for the coveted Umno Youth leader's post, he would fade away but he does the reverse. He comes back into the fold and is accepted somewhat "gratefully" by Najib. The question remains: "Why?" Like him or loathe him, one can't deny the fact that Mahathir is the quintessential politician - and a Machiavelian to the letter. He won't be in UNLESS there's something going on. If I was in Khairi's shoes, I'd be very worried now!

3. Malaysiakini reports that Mahathir now has offered himself up as an "unofficial adviser" to the government. Read the report here. Although Najib is seen as Mahathir's preferred successor, would Najib want to carry such "excess baggage"? Unless there's something else in the equation that does not tally?

Read these posts for further clarifications on why the return of Mahathir and Mahathirism is very bad news for Malaysians:

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The mainstream media is already going ballistic (and hyperbole) in its portrayal of Mahathir's re-entry into active politics. Which is why we need to read alternative stuff such as this one -
45,000 Mendengar Ceramah Mahathir to get a better balanced view of what's really happening at the ground zero.

Which is why Malaysians who love freedom, justice and peace for all its inhabitants must be ever more vigilant in the days to come, as to where this country may be heading. I am not an ardent fan of Pak Lah but, I must admit that he did do at least one thing right, even if he didn't do it fully - he gave us space to voice out.

I'm hoping that that most important thing is not taken away arbitrally from us under the new executive's orders.