Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Watch Your Word!

Listen to what the man said!:

"No charges have been brought against them, and this is worse than the ISA (Internal Security Act)," he said, referring to Malaysia's own internal security law, which Washington has frequently criticised. - Foreign Minister Rais Yatim commenting on the possible closing down of the Guantanamo Bay prisoner camp where two Malaysians are in custody for allegedly having close ties with terrorist groups.

Although I'm not in favour of such arbitrary arrests of anyone without hope of due court process, to put them in the same boat as people like RPK, Theresa Kok and blogger Paula Khoo is I think going a bit extreme. There is a big difference between suspected terrorists and ordinary citizens with a conscience.

Meanwhile, Penang's No.2 Deputy Chief Minister, Dr. P. Ramasamy is also getting some flak over his statement that "Umno marginalisation is so severe that non-Malays have become insignificant in public administration,". He had mentioned it at the the Penang state legislative assembly on Nov. 13.

Today, Malaysiakini reports that the Umno Bayan Baru Youth leader had made police reports on the statement. To which, Ramasamy replied that neither police reports nor Umno pressure will prevent him from speaking up for what is right.

Incidentally, while at my brother's place in Cheras last week, I found this sign on the wall:

It would be good if we all practised that a little everyday, politicians included.


Aston said...

Do you not think that the very idea of Watching/controlling my


are a violation of my freedom of expression/speech?

While you may say that all Freedoms should be exercised with due attention to public safety and security. But how is it possible for such restrictions to apply with Freedom of Speech and Expression?

Thr way I look at it: as long as I'm not causing physical hurt to anyone, I have the freedom to do anything I want to do or say anything I want to say.

And I truly believe, no one has a Right to have their feelings protected.