Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Song Remains The Same

Yes - It's been a while. It's been a long road since March 8 2008. Since then, we the people have won a few battles - Permatang Pauh for instance. But we've also lost others - like the contiuing detention of citizens under the ISA, etc. I too got caught up in all the hullaballoo - instead of "responding", I was beginning to "react" - to people like Ahmad Ismail, Bung Mokhtar, et all. Until a friend warned me of going down the same road of racial politics while at the same time harping for peace and justice. Hence, the enforced time out. Looking back I can see where I erred. But also more importantly, it allowed me to get back to basics. Get back to what I believe in. Get back on track. I hope! It also allowed me time to go in pursuits of other pet projects that have been on hold for sometime. A bit of distraction every now and then helps.

I've come to believe that:

  1. Genuine change cannot happen without express consent - it cannot just "happen";
  2. Genuine change really cannot be "forced" upon;
  3. Genuine change can really only come from inside onself;
  4. Genuine change will be difficult at first - because it will take away a lot of our comforts but eventually will lead us to even better things;
  5. Genuine change needs co-operation from all parties concerned - individuals, groups, society, etc.
and the list can go on and on.... you may want to continue with your own ideas here!!!!

Which leads me to this quirky email I got yesterday entitled "Karaoke Finalists 2008 Results"
  • Mahathir’s favourite song …. Aasai ye Alaipole
  • Pak Lah... Ponal pokatum Pooda
  • Najib... Kutram Purinthaven Valkayil Nimathi Yethu
  • Tengku Razaleigh …………… Nenje Un Asai Yenna
  • Khairy Jamaluddin ………….. Kasethan Kadavulappa
  • Saiful ………………………….. Satyam Ithu Satyam Ellam Valla
  • Samyvellu ……………………… Satti Suttathada…. Kai Vittathada
Apologies to thos who don't understand Tamil, but if you could, you'd be rolling down on the floor, holding your tummy! It's hilarious stuff. The song titles are the some of the most well known Tamil hits over the years, songs which the Indian community would be very familiar with. For example, K.J.'s song title means "Everything is money", Pak Lah's: "Goodbye to everything"; while Botak's is the best: "I am stupid!"

As for me, I'm listening to Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains The Same" from 1976. I remember watching the movie in the old "Eastern" cinema in Penang, and coming away with a "mind blowing rock adventure!"

Reading the news today, it does seem like the songs still sound the same, coming from the same mouths, with the same intentions. Najib and Muhyuddin. Khairy and Khir. Mahathir and Mukhriz. Divide and rule. Do as I say, don't do what I do - else you'll be under the ISA. Doesn't sound much hopeful for most ordinary Malaysians. But, I guess it will be like this, at least for another 4 years or so.... until we get another chance at changing the order. In the meantime, I guess I will have to live with these sounds ringing in my ears:

I had a dream. Crazy dream.
Anything I wanted to know, any place I needed to go

Hear my song. People won't you listen now? Sing along.
You don't know what you're missing now.
Any little song that you know
Everything that's small has to grow.
And it has to grow!

(from: The Song Remains The Same - Led Zep, 1976)

Catch a video of the same song here courtesy of Boxxet.