Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Que Vadis Malaysia?

However may one look at it, we'd probably agree that we are living in very turbulent times today. From the precarious condition of the global environment to the politics of managing a nation, to the struggle to keep up with runaway consumer prices, - everything seems in a state of flux.

And, Malaysia seems to have had more than its share of it. If the 8/3/08 General Elections were the first indicator of the changes that are to come, then the Permatang Pauh by election result would be the 2nd nail in the coffin for the "politics of old" - the playing of the racial card, especially. Interestingly, the common people - of all backgrounds seem to have acknowledged this and have to a certain degree "embraced" these changes as a step forward toward a better Malaysia for all.

However, there are also those voices, especially within the corridoors of power, that won't be stilled. With their backs to the wall and fighting for their political survival, they hit back with the only ammunition they've got - the championing of the old racist sentiment. Unsurprisingly, we then hear other voices that react angrily to this tactic with equally tough rhetoric.

Already, still other voices have made their concerns. Like these:

Wheras, Dr. Farish A Noor writes about the ominous demise of the present government here, in:
The truth probably is that we are finally experiencing the "birth pangs" of a nation - some 50 years after independence! This is the price we pay for how we have managed the country for the past half century. There is a need to do away with old things that aren't neccessary anymore. There is even a more urgent need to get this country back on track 6 months after the last general elections.

Maybe September 16 is the only way out of this mess we are in. The purists won't like it; I'm not sure I do, but more important is that we have to save Malaysia - at all costs. Or else, we may have to endure another 4 years of self inflicted torture and by then - it may just be too late and we might just end up like another Myanmar or Zimbabwe. Que Vadis, Malaysia?