Sunday, September 14, 2008

Freedom Film Fest 2008

Coming soon to a venue near you! - The Freedom Film Fest, organised by KOMAS, a local NGO in collaboration with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation from 5-28 September 2008. The FFF works embody the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) - which express the aspirations for justice, peace, equality and democracy.

A blurb on its website says, "FFF showcases films and social documentaries that affect ordinary people like HIV/AIDS, human rights, poverty and the environment; alternative films which, due to a lack of commercial backing and because of the tyranny of popular mainstream media, are out of the reach to most Malaysians".

This year's films range from a mere 13 to 130 minutes and among others, include these topics: migration and native land rights, human rights, community organising and the environment, the politics of faith, religion and terrorism, etc.

For a complete listing of the titles, dates, times and venues of screenings, go here.

p.s. Take A Break! It's a good time to get out of our usual dose of Hollywood/Bollywood/Putrajayawood masallas and get up to date on the life issues that are happening all around us.
Better still, take your family and bring a friend or two along!