Thursday, June 05, 2008

What The Hey....!?@£$%&!

You could have bet your last drop of petrol that there would have been a serious backlash from the public if ANY Prime Minister ANYWHERE announces a whopping 4o% overnight increase in the price of petrol and diesel wouldn't you?

But then, we are in Bolehland - where everything and anything BOLEH! Never mind that the oil price has been running faster than Usain Bolt for the past few years! Never mind that Bolehland has been subsidizing the oil price very generously to EVERYONE regardless of whether they deserve it or not! Never mind the deliberate decision to let the public transport system slowly go to rot over the years. Never mind that Bolehland with all its natural resources has never really looked to explore and develop alternative fuel resources with the exception of a few "lip service" projects. Never mind the Petronas' coffers - but I won't go into that!, etc. etc. It's a never ending litany of errors, ill-governance, and apathy for sure.

So now, Bolehland's PM finds himself between the devil and the deep blue sea. Under the circumstances would you not have counted the possibility of brickbats whistling in faster than Bruce Lee's fists of fury? I bet if you were the PM you would have. Any idiot would have! Which is why when I quote the Sun online:

"Abdullah said this is an opportunity for the people to change their lifestyle and start practising conservation"

I ask myself what the hey?!%$&@ is that supposed to mean? Which reminds me of another story:

A horse, a cow and a donkey were having an argument about who had most contributed to the war effort. The horse said he had done the most - "Without me, the soldiers wouldn't have been able to ride off to war". The cow said she was the one - "Without me, there would have been no one to feed the civilian population". The donkey, not to be outdone, said, "True....but I was the head of government. Without me, there would have been no war!"

I rest my case.