Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tables Turned...Toyo Rants!

What an idiotic statement. Coming from the ex-Menteri Besar of Selangor: Quote: "Opposition leader Khir: We'll be watching" . Read The full text here.

Nothing has changed has it? The same old top-down rhetoric, the bragging, the disparaging remarks, the absence of humility - all of which contributed to the BN's downfall and especially so in Selangor hasn't dissipated in the aftermath of the GE 08. Rather, it's the same old out of favour bigwigs singing the same old out of tune song.

Just one thought - If Khir Toyo is going to waste his time issuing threats such as these, and spend the BN's machinery on "keeping watch" on the new state government, then one thing is SURE going to happen in 5 years time. There will be NO more BN in Selangor. The people have just voted against you. There's a new leadership in town. Take the smirks and threats off your faces, go down to the grass roots and start working your socks off for the man and woman in the street, man! As for the watching - WE will do that. We will monitor the government. Coz, WE are the BOSS, not you Mr. Toyo. Get that straight! Off you go now...!