Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

From Anwar Ibrahim's blog:

Back In the Light

Purged, jailed and humiliated in the late 1990s, Anwar Ibrahim has staged a remarkable comeback at the helm of an opposition insurgency.

newsweek-2.pngAnwar Ibrahim takes six calls in quick succession on three different mobile phones. Five days after Malaysia’s general election—in which his coalition shocked observers by winning several key states and almost ousting the long-ruling party—he has segued from surprise victor to tireless political operative, ironing out disagreements and building bridges within the still-fractious opposition. Inside his low-key suburban office, tucked several kilometers away from Parliament in leafy Kuala Lumpur, Anwar’s sense of purpose—destiny, even—is palpable. “Just listen to what the others have to say. Listen,” he tells one caller. “Stay calm, go home and have some dinner, some Panadol, whatever you need,” he tells another, adding, “If there are still strong views and you can’t solve it, let me handle [it].” There are 3 full stories in Newsweek. Go here:

As could be expected, in the aftermath of the GE 08 debacle for the Barisan Nasional, there have been numerous calls for PM Abdullah Badawi to step down. But, seriously, if we take a look at the possible "successors", the mind boggles! Check this lot out: Najib, Kerismudin, beyond that.... who else? KJ? Taking stock of what's been put in front of us - surely they can't be serious. There's a serious lack of talent and more importantly - CAPABLE LEADERS. All we have now is a group of much-maligned, rumour tainted hopeful "wanna-bees".

Jeff Ooi in his blog has already promised things will be much exciting after April 15th - the date Anwar's finally free from the shackles that snare him. I think then we would have another choice as candidate for the PM's post. If indeed that were to happen, it could be indeed a case of a "bridge over troubled waters". Troubled waters meaning not only holding together the loose Opposition Alliance but also more importantly, bringing together the entire Nation - which desperately needs a Leader to lead us out of the messy bog that we are in.


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