Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Election Watch 2008 (7)

Spread The Word...An edited version of an Election Update from Chong Eng, MP for Bukit Mertajam:

...However, as imperfect as our election process is, we can be quite assured of the secrecy of our balloting, at least in the 12th General Election.

1) Balloting will be done in private and shielded booths, no one, not even the officials are allowed to be at any distance close enough to see the actions of marking the ballot by the voters.

2) There will NOT be serial number printed on the counterfoil of the ballot paper. This means unlike in previous years, EVEN IF your ballot paper is exposed, no one will know it belonged to whom.

3) For postal votes (only for military personnel, students overseas, embassies and high commissions' staff and spouses), the serial numbers on the ballot papers will be DIFFERENT from the numbers on the electoral roll. No one will know which persons were allocated which ballot papers.

4) All ballot papers will be stored and sealed in special boxes in the presence of the agents of the candidates. Under statute, these boxes will be kept in confidential custody for 6 months. The boxes can only be opened by order of the High Court. All ballot papers will be destroyed at the end of the 6 months. This means, NO ONE can easily review the ballot papers or any election documentations.

Therefore do not be intimidated into voting for certain parties out of fear!

I urge all Rakyat who are eligible voters to turun padang WITHOUT FEAR on the 8th of March 2008 (8am to 5pm) to their respective polling stations to VOTE. And to VOTE FOR CHANGE, support your local DAP candidates and our partners in the Opposition pact who are the brave voices of democracy in this country. Together, We can change it!

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1) Election Commission (EC) Official Website. See HERE

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