Friday, February 29, 2008

Election Watch (18)

Getting A Balanced View

The balanced scorecard - is a concept for measuring whether the activities of a company are meeting its objectives in terms of vision and strategy. First used in 1987 at Analog Devices, it focuses not only on financial returns but human issues. For further reading go here.

But today, I've borrowed the term to reflect the way traditional media is controlled and the dissemination of information is deliberately skewed towards the so-called "caretaker government". Simply put, we need to have a balanced view of issues, challenges and accomplishments in the run up to Election Day. And we can't do this by merely continuing to watch and listen to RTM 1 & 2 and, more and more nowadays, TV3 & NTV 7. Furthermore, opposition party newspapers are severely restricted to members only. So, how on earth can we get the "balanced information" needed in order to make a good judgement call come 8/3/08?

Well, "if the information can't come to you, then you have to go to the information"! Here are a few dates to think about this weekend. Wherever you are, take a break, go listen to the others who are part of this democratic process. Listen and then decide. For yourselves and all Malaysians.

1. To get PKR's manifesto, election promises and other documents go here

2. For Anwar's roadshow, click here

3. For DAP's Lim Kit Siang's tour of duty, go here: