Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Signs Of The Times: A Reflection from Daniel

In the light of the 10/11 Bersih and 25/11 Hindraf Rallies in K.L., it seems very appropriate that a reflection on the Book of Daniel chapter 2:verses 31-45 should appear as today's meditation in the Word Among Us. Here are excerpts from the magazine:

"God is the Lord of history. He is in charge, no matter what governments rule on earth. Ultimately, no matter how strong earthly regimes seem to be, his justice, holiness, mercy and love will prevail in the end.

This truth should give us confidence when we look at situations in our lives and when we consider the the needs and crises of the world at large. No matter how difficult a given situation may seem, God is in control. His kingdom WILL come. As Christians, we know the last chapter of the history of the world. We know that God wins in the end. That's why we can intercede boldly, confident that our prayers are directed to the King of kings.

Let's be persistent in prayer. The Lord of history is listening to us and will work things out according to his all-encompassing wisdom. As we storm the gates of the enemy, we can snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat!"