Tuesday, May 22, 2007

SMS Scam Updated

Famous last words from jeff ooi here

Meanwhile, I managed to get through to the people who'd kept sending me all those unwanted SMS-es, and surprise! surprise!, lo behold! no more rubbish cluttering up my inbox! For now at least....


peanut penang said...

Here is another one. Jeff ooi is correct in some what but incorrect most of the part.
SMS is like email, just a medium sure got issues and got issue just solve. There is no way got guaranteee 100% error free for these stuff. So what jeff busy promoting is because he got paid.
Read this badly writen blog

Here is yet another one about his lies:

Know about why simple common SMS issue just like email issues was 10 years ago read this:

Jeff ooi being paid to do sabotage, expect too much on technology. What the hell.

Eric Miller said...

I kinda like the anti defamation campaign here.

What is ethical blogging> The only thing a blogger "must" do is express anything, everything.

The only thing they must NOT do is knowingly spread misinformation or outright lies. If the purpose of a blog is to enable the spread of ideas and discussion of issues, there's an inherent responsibility to make the work easier by remaining grounded in fact and experience of real substance rather than just making up junk and posting it. The Jeff Ooi lies and misinformation in the country call Malaysia is actually a crime in this part of the world.