Thursday, April 05, 2007

Penang Bridge Bomb Scare

Ironically, I had just used the bridge, crossing over to the island at around 3.45 p.m. Already there was a queue forming, from approach roads leading to the toll plaza. I have not witnessed anything like this even though I have been using the bridge almost daily for the the past 24 months on my EX 5 kapchai.

I figured it must be something to do with the bridge widening works currently in progress. Just before the toll plaza, the PLUS digital information signboard was flashing in bold orange letters - "Kesulitan dikesali. Kerja-kerja pelebaran jambatan". Or something to that effect. I duly paid my RM1.40, squeezing past the jams after the toll plaza.

While approaching the half way point, I noticed a couple of police patrol cars, stopped by the side. I noticed also a Kancil and a few other cars stopped a few metres away. Car problems, I thought to myself. Strangely, as I came nearer to the mid-point, the traffic began thinning and the vehicles started speeding up. From then until the exit to Georgetown, Glugor, Bayan Lepas, traffic flow was normal. So, I reach my work-place. Then at about 7 pm, I get a call from my mum, asking whether it was true there had been a bomb on the bridge! Prank? Deliberate? Real Danger? Check out these blogs and pics here:

The mayhem in Penang bridge

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